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Admiralty Business & Sport Club
         The Admiralty Business & Sport Club is established as a high-quality Business and social club serving decision-makers and leaders in the business community emphasizing personalized service with the highest quality upscale sports amenities, to improve the health, recreation, and entertainment lifestyle pursuits of its Members.

         The "Admiralty Business and Sports Club" concept, combines business, social, and sports opportunities into one single convenient location. To promote a "home away from home' feeling, care is taken to ensure the compatibility of the Club's membership.

         The management of the Admiralty Business and Sport Club is co-managed by Mercantile Athletic Club, Indonesia's market leader in the development, marketing, and management of distinguished private clubs. The extensive experience provided by Admiralty in private club management assure high-quality standards of service to the Members of the Admiralty Business and Sport Club. For more information about Admiralty Business and Sport Club, click here.